Dental Implants

Eat whatever you want and get the most out of life!

Dental implants are an exciting modern development. When you have teeth supported by dental implants it’s like getting back your natural teeth.




For the comfort

  • Hard to chew foods are now easy to eat. No more pain while chewing because dentures no longer move
  • The placement of the implants in the gum is painless
  • No more sore spots!
  • No denture slipping or movement

For more confidence

  • Whether dining out or in, order what you like to eat, not just what you can.
  • Laugh, smile, talk, sing…no need to worry about your denture slipping!
  • No more denture adhesive!

For your health and nutrition

  • Arrest and reduce jaw-bone shrinkage. Implants help preserve the bone mass essential to facial structural support, reducing wrinkles
  • Delay the effects of aging due to bone loss and muscles sagging associated with conventional dentures
  • Studies support that proper chewing (mastication) contributes to better absorption of nutrients from food.
  • Good nutrition helps maintain good health, contributing to a better quality of life and and increased life expectancy.

A solution that will last a lifetime

  • A well integrated and well maintained dental implant will last a lifetime. We typically eat approximately 1000 meals a year. Implant give an exceptional return on investment, day in and day out, for many years

Dental implants have been around for over 50 years. They boast a success rate of about 99%. They have the highest success rate of any dental procedure including fillings, root-canals and crowns. The installation is considered minor surgery, is typically painless and is normally completed in under 50 minutes.