Proper Denture Care in the 21st Century

There are an estimated six million denture wearers in Canada, thirty nine million in the United States and hundreds of millions world-wide.  Most of these people would be classified as Baby Boomers.  This 55 plus demographic is one of the most influential and trend-driving segments ever seen in human history.  These folks are often still working in some capacity although many are retired.  If you travel, ski or golf, it will be this group that you’ll be teeing off with or behind in the buffet line on the cruise ship!  This group, more than any other has the time and means to do the things that they really love to do.  They will also be the volunteers at the local hospital or service club and watching their grandchildren as well!  They lead very busy lives!

The one thing that determines the quality of ones life, more than anything else, is health.  There is an abundance of evidence that oral bacteria have the tendency and capacity to cause systemic, body wide problems.  In my practice the number one issue is denture hygiene.  Most of the people that I see, in all stages of boomer/senior life, have bacterial plaque, bio-film and tartar adhering to their full and partial plates.  This bacterial matter causes a number of intra-oral issues including irritation and sore spots, inflammation, benign tissue overgrowth (denture injury tumors) and sometimes more serious issues.  The bacteria can be aspirated (inhaled) potentially leading to respiratory problems.

I invented the Powerdent Pulse denture brush to help my patients keep their dentures really clean. Clean teeth and gums and clean properly fitting dentures are the foundation of good oral health.  New dentures are less abraded and porous which makes them easier to keep clean.  Dentures should be checked at least once a year by your Denturist.

Jim Harrison DD, denture specialist, practices at the Harrison Denture Clinic, Collingwood.

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