Take the Self Test

This short checklist will help you determine whether you are experiencing specific dental problems. The questions relate to everyday situations where many people – even those with only minor concerns – could experience difficulties with their teeth/dentures.

Please take your time to answer the below questions, perhaps together with a close friend or family member who might be aware of your challenges.


  • Have you found yourself avoiding certain foods?
  • Do you feel pain in your jaw?
  • Has your appearance changed such as more wrinkles around your mouth, or your chin moving closer to your nose?
  • When you press on different points of the denture does it rock?
  • Does your mouth feel sore after wearing the dentures?
  • Is there any discoloration of the pink denture acrylic or teeth?
  • Have cracks formed behind the teeth or in other areas of the denture?
  • Do you need to use poly grip to hold the dentures in?
  • Do you avoiding presenting your true smile?
  • Are there cusps on the denture teeth or have they worn away?
  • Are your dentures more than 5 years old?
  • Have you lost any teeth since the dentures have been made?
  • Where the dentures made at the same time?

If your answer was “Yes” to any of the above questions, it indicates a likely need to get a consultation. Please contact us today or call.