Denture Cleaning and Care

Dentures are a significant and costly investment.  They are custom made, just for you, using the most modern materials and techniques.   Your dentures give your face esthetic structural support, replacing lost teeth and gums (the pink part).  They also provide function, enabling the denture wearer to properly chew all of the foods that are needed for proper health and nutrition.  Dentures ‘live’ in the mouth and are subject to all of the stresses and strains, plaques and stains, that natural teeth are subject to.

Within a mere matter of minutes in the mouth a microscopic ‘biofilm’ begins to accumulate on the surfaces of the denture.  This film, over time accumulates and matures into bacterial plaque.  Plaque is a visible sticky white film that coats the denture (as it does natural teeth and gums).  This plaque, if not mechanically removed on a daily basis, will eventually become calcified by the minerals in your saliva and turn into hard and tenacious tartar (calculus). 

There are also stains and food debris, including small seeds that may become lodged in the tiny crevices in the denture.

Soaking alone, while very good and necessary, does not adequately remove all of the adhered films and plaques on the denture.  Like all principles of cleaning, the surface must be brushed as well as flushed!

You wouldn’t mop the floor without sweeping it! You wouldn’t just rinse your mouth instead of brushing!

Soaking alone, while very necessary, doesn’t take the place of brushing. Dentures must be brushed and soaked in order to be thoroughly clean!

Only the Powerdent pulse has the power to do the job right!

Proper denture care

  • take dentures out and hold over a basin with some water in it
  • run the dentures under water (not too hot)
  • turn the POWERDENT PULSE on and hold to all surfaces of denture
  • apply a denture cleanser, foam or paste, to the denture and continue to brush (90 seconds) DO NOT USE TOOTH PASTE (too abrasive)
  • place denture in cup and soak with tablet or powder solution, according to manufacturers recommended times.
  • rinse denture thoroughly before putting back in mouth



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