Smile is Important

We would like to thank you for choosing our office to meet your denture needs.  Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care in the most comfortable and friendly setting.  We strive to offer you the very best treatment by employing the most advanced technologies and techniques.  Your overall health and well-being is our primary concern.

What is a Denturist?

A denturist is a specialist with three years of training solely in the fabrication and fitting of dentures.  Our clinic provides the full range of denture services, including new dentures, relines and repairs, directly to the public, all in one location.  We also work closely with dentists and oral surgeons in treatment planning and delivering the best possible care to our patients.  We specialize in complete and partial dentures as well as implant supported dentures.  Implant dentures snap down on posts that have been surgically implanted in the jaw bone.  These dentures require no clasps, wires or adhesive pastes to keep them in, they snap down and stay put.  Implants can be used with full or partial dentures.  Denturists are specialists in all aspects of denture technology.

Dental Implants

After your teeth are extracted your gums go through a gradual healing process called resorption.  This process happens slowly for the rest of your life.  This means that your gums are always changing and your denture, over time, becomes loose.  Pain, decreased chewing function, dietary restrictions, loss of confidence in your smile and appearance often follow.  Dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone and act as anchors to stabilize the dentures.  Implants eliminate all of the problems associated with loose fitting dentures and give you the fit and function closest to your natural teeth.

Precision Dentures

Denture technology has come a long way.  Most of our patients are amazed at the new techniques and equipment that we employ in the fabricating of their dentures.  We, as a team, are committed to continuing education and routinely attend courses and seminars to upgrade our skills.  Precision dentures are made with the best and most up to date techniques and materials.  They look, fit and function the best.  We keep up with the times and pass all of the benefits on to you.

Our New Office

We do all of this out of our new modern, state of the art facility located just a couple of kilometers south of Collingwood Ontario on HWY# 124.

The HARRISON DENTURE CLINIC…life is too good to go without a smile.

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